Saturday, October 24, 2015

Starting Over Again, Again

Ok!!!  I'm looking at this blank "page" in the middle of my screen and suddenly, I got nuthin'!

I love to write, once I get started.  Getting started is intimidating.  Here goes...

Since "I quit my job." sounds so loser-ish, I have decided to say, as one of friends counseled me, "I am no longer working for someone else.." Work on my house had pretty much come to a standstill, before the big overtime push came.  And that push threatened to last for 6 months or more.  So I said, "No, thank you."

I worked out a week's notice, and amid handshakes, a couple of hugs and a few tears on my part, I drove off at the end of my shift on Friday. I unplugged my alarm clock and packed it away and put my wedding ring back on. I will now be doing art, writing and working on my house.

So, today, being Day #1, I began the slow process of sorting out my stuff and getting organized.  I started out putting all the tools I brought home from work away.  I had no idea I had taken so many tools to work.  I brought them home over 4 days, but never had time to do anything more with them, but pile them up in the kitchen. This led me to trying to make some sense of the garage, and the 'Toy Room'. (We call it the Toy Room because my husband collects toys and the lion's share of this room is his. At least in theory...)

The Garage isn't the little two-car affair most suburbanites have attached to the side of their house.  First of all, it's a good ways up from the house, 20 or 30 yards, maybe.  Second, it's 30' X 50' and slam packed with stuff. Half of this building also belongs to my husband. (Again, at least in theory...)  I have my "Studio" in there.  Wood working equipment, MIG welder, ceramic kiln, etc. And all kinds of... Well... Stuff.  Salvaged materials, odd parts, hardware... Stuff! And I do cool work in there.

I call it The Studio at Wannabee Manor. Over the next few weeks, I will begin to offer my work for sale on my Facebook page.  Please, check it out, and "Like" it.